At school, I enjoyed from math and physics. But since I remember, I was never fund of chemistry. I always liked to have a career in challenging fields and would like to do a kind of work that helps me stand out from people around me. I was an average student in school and more of an inquisitive character.

MOstafa Ghasemi

Furthermore, I chose to study my favorite major of petroleum engineering for my bachelors of science. But after 3 years I got the feeling that it no more gives me the enthusiasm towards science!! therefore I decided to make a change towards a more favorable major and chose to study a different filed for my Master level. In Iran the students should attend in a university entrance exam before they can enter graduate studies.

Finally I was accepted in Chemical Engineering field in one of the top-ranked universities of Iran and worked on reactor design and mostly bioreactor for production of nutrition, food and somehow useful gas like methane. Though my MSc field was very joyful especially the work I did on a new method for immobilization of microorganism for using as heart of bioreactor, I still felt like I want to go further and make a slight difference in my route towards PhD.

This time I worked on use of membrane for desalination of brackish water and after sometimes to the microbial fuel cell proton exchange membrane and catalyst. Three years of hard work and endeavor which resulted in submitting lots of papers makes me feel relieved and proud of the time I dedicated to my goals. I am still young and so enthusiastic to know more about the MFC system.

After finishing my PhD, I was appointed as post doctoral fellow in fuel cell institute of national university of Malaysia where I am doing my research as well as assisting the master and PhD students who are working in similar fields. I also need to mention that, by the time I started my studies, chemical and petroleum engineering were not as much known as they are today: the challenge of working in a field which is in continuous evolution still excites me a lot and if I back to 10 years ago (2002) which I started my BSc level, I will again go the same path that I went through, it has been a wonderful experience and a great pool of knowledge with very high challenges on the way.

Last but not least, I would like to finish this part by an inspiring wisdom of Albert Einstein which everyone has to be reminded of everyday:

Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice, I can help in the greatest of all causes ; goodwill among men and peace on earth.

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